Swing Bed Program

(662) 369-2455

Our swing bed program is staffed by RNs, LPNs, Social Services, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Registered Dietician, and Occupational Therapy. Pioneer Community Hospital of Aberdeen's Transitional Care Unit provides a Bridge between hospital and home. Transitional/Swingbed Care serves patients who no longer require acute care, but still need nursing and rehabilitative care to help them recover. Some examples of patients that might find this program helpful are:

  • Those recovering from a stroke
  • Diabetes management patients
  • Patients needing rehabilitation or therapy following a hip or knee replacement
  • Those requiring IV therapy
  • Those needing wound care and wound care education
  • Patients who might be experiencing general weakness or lack of appetite brought on from illness or surgery

PCHA's 25-bed Unit provides skilled nursing services to help you or your loved ones continue to recover in a hospital setting. This continuation of care provides a vital bridge between acute care received in the hospital and daily living in your home environment.

Our mission is to help you become as independent as possible by providing the appropriate and necessary treatments, therapies and support, and to provide a continuum of care to enhance the outcome of your stay.